Soha Jin

金少海 | Soha Jin

主要兴趣在信息技术,自小时候家里添置电脑后不久陷入编程无法自拔。从 2013 年开始研究 Web 应用的开发至今。对其他诸如摄影也有涉猎,风光片较多,也曾多次外出给 coser 与 Lo 娘拍摄正片与私影。

Interested in IT. I've started programming since the first computer in my home was bought, and stepped in web development in 2013. Photography is also one of my interests, and most of the photos are landscapes.

经历 | Experience

天海信息科技 | Tianhai Information Technology (2013- )

这是我创建的一个编程小组,目前有 OI in Hand 等项目与一些 Web 小工具。

This is a programming group created by me. It has projects like OI in Hand and some tools based on web.

上海洛谷网络科技有限公司 | Luogu (2013- )


This is a website for education in computer science in China. I take part in it's web development, and is also an administrator of it.

信息学竞赛 | OI (2009-2015)


Soha was introduced to take part in OI by elementary school teacher. Because of the lack of time and other reasons, ended with a third prise in NOIP 2015.

FIRST 机器人挑战赛 | FIRST Robotics Competition (2016- )

参与的 FRC 团队 | FRC Teams

6385 初萌 | TrueMoe, 参赛队员 Team Member (2016-2017)

浙江省第一支的 FRC 参赛团队。

The first FRC team in Zhejiang Province, China.

5453 赤色彗星 | Red Comet, 参赛队员 Team Member (2017-2018)

深圳市的一支 FRC 参赛团队。2018 赛季深圳赛区冠军联盟。

The FRC team from Shenzhen, China. A member of winner alliance in 2018 season Shenzhen Regional.

7529 木兰 | Mulan, 导师 Mentor (2018- )


The first all-girl team in China.

青少年极客大会 | GeekyTeen Conference (2015-2016)


It is inspired by some other conferences, launched by some other people and me. There are two sessions in Ningbo and Xiamen. Soha as the person in charge of Multimedia and Live and General Manager of the conference to participate. After analyzing the situation of teenager developers, it was given up.

艾青中学信息社 | IT Association of Aiqing High School (2016-2017)


President of the association.

教育经历 | Educational Experience

浙江省艾青中学 | Aiqing Senior High School, Jinhua, Zhejiang, China (2015.9-2018.6)

温州大学瓯江学院 | Wenzhou University Oujiang College, China (2018.9- )

栈 | Stack

人类语言 | Human Languages
计算机语言 | Programming Languages

带 * 的项表示精通,带 ++ 的项表示非常熟练,带 + 的项表示熟练,其他都为掌握。Items with "*" means MASTERED, items with "++" means VERY SKILLED, items with "+" means SKILLED, and other items are GRASPED.